This section contains useful information about Technical Regulations.
We recommend all exhibitors and their stand fitters to read carefully and respect all the documents.


In order to enhance positive perceptions and the visual appeal of the overall venue, several rules have been added to the General Exhibition Regulations, with which Exhibitors are required to comply in designing their stand at HOMI MILANO, thereby upholding the high standards and image of the trade show.

These rules do not replace the Fieramilano Technical Regulations, to which reference is made for the general provisions covering stand safety and accessibility.

The utilisation of modular bi-laminate or similar fittings is prohibited within the HOMI MILANO venue.

The permitted height range for stand outer walls, partitions, graphics and any decorative fixtures is as follows:
Minimum height: 3 metres
Maximum height: 5 metres

Stand fittings shall not measure less than 3 metres in height.

The maximum permitted height for cables or hanging rigging systems (uncovered), utilised exclusively for the installation of lighting systems, is 6 metres.

Such structures may only be covered with wooden or other materials provided the cover does not carry graphics, logos, signs or other advertising above a height of 5 metres.

Moreover, false ceilings may be given finishings, provided they comply with the provisions laid down in the Fieramilano Technical Regulations (Art.1.2.3 – Construction rules – letter G).

Graphics and/or advertising structures may be hung from the ceiling or stood on the ground, provided the uppermost edge of the structure is no taller than the permitted maximum height of 5 metres.

Whilst the provisions relating to stand safety and accessibility in the Fieramilano Technical Regulations still apply, Exhibitors are urged to keep the free sides of their stands as open as possible, providing their displays the utmost visibility.

Should the design of the stand call for more than 50% of any side to be closed, the project must be approved by the relevant Customer Service department.

When stands are adjacent, each Exhibitor is responsible for positioning their own dividing walls. Exhibitors are not allowed to use the back wall and/or side wall(s) of the stand(s) adjacent.

Walls adjacent to the display areas of other Exhibitors, especially if taller than those of the adjacent stand, must be given an even, uniform and neutral finish.

The distribution panel and electric cables must be properly housed in appropriate structures/raceways, and must never be installed outside the stand. .

Irrespective of the size of the display area, all stand designs must be uploaded for examination and approval by Fieramilano on the E-Service platform (“Stand Design” section) within 15 days of receiving notification of stand allocation.

For details concerning how to present and communicate the stand design to Fieramilano, reference is made to the Fieramilano Technical Regulations (Art 1.2.2).

On-site inspections and controls will be performed by Fieramilano on stand installation days. Exhibitors whose stand designs do not comply with the plans approved by Fieramilano Customer Service will be asked to make the necessary modifications and/or additions. .