Access to Fieramilano fairground, both for vehicles than working people, is subject to possession of a personal badge (with QR code).

Shortly after the notification of stand allocation, exhibitors receive to their mailbox – as indicated in the Application form – a link to Fieramilano online services portal, where to register passes for those people and vehicles entering the fairground for fitting up/dismantling. Each barcode must be printed and taken to the show, in order to be read when passing through FAST LANE optical barriers.


Every exhibitor shall be issued a number of pass (to be used during the show, as well as during build-up and dismantling) on the size of the stand.

5 access passes from 0 to 18 sq.m.
7 access passes from 18.5 to 36 sq.m.
12 access passes from 36.5 to 100 sq.m.
20 access passes from 100.5 to 210 sq.m.
26 access passes from 210.5 to 500 sq.m.
26 access passes over 500 sq.m.


For more information we are at your disposal:
e-mail: espositori@fieramilano.it